Our Brand Promise

Our new tag-line "Expanding Horizons" is a step forward of the previous one - committed people giving committed results.

We are expanding horizons, horizons of company, employees, the market we serve, the people and eventually contributing our bit in expanding the horizons of nation.

With Rudranee comes the Quality, Commitment, Dependability and Assurance of project being in Safe Hands. Rudranee's business philosophy is beyond profit & loss, targets and numbers. For us, business is of Values and People.

Expanding Horizon is a philosophy we as an organisation already live every day. And this brand promise is the day-to-day reality of the customer experience.

About The Brand Identity

The logo shows the first alphabet of Company name i.e. R in English and in Devnagari as well. It forms two wings which show Rudranee's aspirations. It shows Rudranee is set to fly new heights.

The colours represent strength, firmness, commitment & determination.
Expanding Horizons
represents our core beliefs and aspirations as we believe growth is a continuous process. We aspire to grow and always be in a state of growing.