Taking off on a Strong Base

Every flight requires a strong base...
Today the world has come closer and we are living in a global village. This has surged the air traffic around the world. India's air traffic has also seen to be constantly increasing every year. But the country lacks aviation infrastructure. Rudranee intends to bridge this need and supply gap.

With the base of its huge experience and expertise in diversified infrastructure fields, Rudranee now has ventured into this sector. Since its very first project, Rudranee has proved its metal. We not just explored this new sector but have set a new benchmark of quality through our working standards.

In a very short time Rudranee has done commendable work in this challenging aviation infrastructure sector.
We are committed to make every takeoff and landing safe & smooth.


The Airstrip at Latur Airport is 2420m long & 45m wide with 100m x 75m apron & taxiway. It has the capacity of landing planes upto Boeing A737.

The quality of construction was well proven, when the airstrip had to deal with as many as 80 VIP Aircraft movements within ten hours. It was possibly the state's busiest runway for that day. This unprecedented load of traffic in a single day was very challenging; the runway passed this test and was hugely acclaimed for it.