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It is only in recent years that private sector participation is beginning to make some headway in augmenting water infrastructure. We at Rudranee are proud to have done quite an amount of work contributing to build water infrastructures in cities as well as rural areas.

We execute water projects right from water retaining structures like Dams, Jack-Wells, Water Treatment Plant to Distribution of water to end user through Pipelines. Whether the project involves tunneling through a mountain, building a dam or installing pipe work beneath a large city, we have the experience and the cutting-edge technology to provide appropriate solutions. Our experts balance operational, budgetary and environmental considerations.

We have undertaken construction of some of the largest and complex projects in India and completed within the time frame while matching the high quality standards.

We focus on solutions that help solve the nation's resource and supply challenges. To take up this task we are backed with expertise & hi-tech technologies .


Projects We Undertake



Water Storage Systems

Water Storage Systems

Water Treatment Plants

Rudranee @ Drought Time

One of the achievements of Rudranee in recent times is the challenging job of construction of new approach channel on left bank of Jayakwadi dam, which is completed in a record time of 37 days and has a length of 900 m in the dam, including de-silting of 500 m length of existing approach channel.

The project was completed at crucial time of drought. And this has in real sense solved drinking water problem of Aurangabad City for years to come.

Few Projects To Name For

  • Construction of Irrigation Projects - Aqueducts at Lohari Sawanga on Kar River, at Bembla on Bembla River, Kolganga on Nandur Madhmeshar Canal and also at Dindori. Syphon on Bembla Main Canal.
  • Direct Water Supply Scheme (W.S.S.) for Nashik (Satpur & Ambad) from Gangapur Dam. Construction of Jack-Well, Intake Well, Pump House, Approach Bridge & Pipeline with service road.
  • Permanent W.S.S. at Jalna, Shendra, Shrirampur, Supa, Ausa, Ahmednagar, Ransai & Pimpri-Chinchwad industrial areas.
  • W.S.S. for Mudhol Town, Harpan Halli, Gudibande, Terdal, KR Pet, Naval Gunda etc. in state of Karnataka.
  • Construction of Minor Irrigation Tank at Hangarga, Jelugade, Telgaon, Kasura and Naigavan.

  • We have been awarded a National Award from the Indian Institution of Bridge Engineers for the construction of Kolganga Aqueduct on Nandur Madhmeshwar Canal for completing the work within record time and with excellent quality.
  • We have also been awarded for Jeur Irrigation Project for speedy completion of work.